Maui Moon Smudges

I am all about fabulous flow. Energetically and physically. I use smudges for energy clearing and incense. I couldn’t find the ones I wanted here on Maui so I started creating my own. I have gotten so many people asking me where I get them I have decided to start selling them.

Local lavender bundles for smudging and olfactory bliss. I use local flowers like Tuberose and plumerias. It’s a hawaiian smudge. All local Maui with love mixed with Maui made essential oils - so fabulous for self care and loving your space .

I have been filling orders for boutiques and you can get them right here as well. Please email me for bulk or special blend orders.


Dont get caught with out a skirt.

Does your bedroom feel like it’s missing something? If you want a designer look it needs to be complete in details. 

Your bed needs a skirt.  

They make really clean and cool masculine bed skirts. Tailored and straight are the type I get my male clients. Women can have straight tailored or ruffle or even pleated. But most look best tailored and clean.  

Those casters are UGLY so cover them up.

If your box spring shows and you don’t have a frame that shows then try a box wrap. They don’t require lifting either, they wrap around and hold with elastic or velcro. 

For my older clients, before they made MagicSkirts. We would take the skirt off the center square sheet and apply Velcro around all the edges. It’s the best way to get ready made skirts that are more expensive but then an at home fix that really looks great and makes life easy.  

Get a skirt.  


THE D.L: These Prices are Down Low!

Most dramatic change to a room is adding a hanging chandelier or large pendant n your living room, kitchen, or entry. These are my favorites that are right on trend right now and hello, amazing price!

(ONE) Selamat Walbanger Round Pendant $137 

(TWO) Selamat Large Pendant $180 

(THREE) Target Opalhouse Black Rattan Chandelier $59







BOHO TRENDS TODAY - Clothing Racks, form and function!

Clothing racks are to the rescue. Ever wanted to have your prized pieces displayed like a cool boutique shop? 

You can put a clothing rack in your home and display your fav shoes and jackets. When I can SEE my favorite clothes it reminds me I am still stylish and I will wear what I can see. The clothing rack is genius. It saves space but also looks really cool and you can get one on a BOHO Budget.

clothing rack maui interior design