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Interior Designer, Karen Leach, founded Boho Design Studio after many years working in Hawaii, Maui and LA doing all scopes of residential & commercial design.

With our world evolving and the “health is wealth” movement holding strong, we find it important to keep our surrounding interiors as clean and green as we can. Sustainable and renewable products are important to keeping a healthy house. Your footprint includes the products you have in your home like furniture, lighting, and accessories.

The pieces you purchase made with toxic paints or wrapped in plastic are not only harming the future earth but keeping your energy & vibe down. We can help you clean it up. It may happen with new construction and building with steel framing, for example, or it may be a consultation to walk your home and talk about greener options.

Boho Design doesn’t do one style of design. Each client dictates an eclectic style as unique as each client is. It’s a beautiful process to find out what works and is needed like functions of a space that’s custom to how you wake up each day.

Karen Leach has known she was a designer and artist from early in life. She used to lay on the floor and imagine modern floor-plans up in the peaks and valleys of the ceiling inside. She regularly collected Real Estate magazines and spent hours choosing the best layouts that offered the most interest. This has been her passion and true alignment since she can remember.

When we follow our passions and desires we find joy. Design is a joy and we work to supersede expectations in each job we design. Let’s make your next project something to be proud of and feel good about. Not only will the neighbors be jealous of your high style vibes, the universe will be thanking you for your consciousness designs.

Boho Design is our name because we do design that looks good and feels good. The earth will thank you for choosing a design firm with conscious green concepts.

Boho Design is our name because we do design that looks good and feels good. The earth will thank you for choosing a design firm with conscious green concepts.


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Full service design may not be what you need. We offer design packages for different needs such as our popular; TI Designer Management Program, call 833-958-BOHO for info.

Tenant Improvement Designer Management program is where we schedule visits to check the quality and decor of your vacation rental and are only charged per visit for an hourly fee and then for incremental time to prepare presentations for suggested repairs or replacements. We provide professionally designed “Staging Master Plans” that your housekeeper will then follow to prepare for each arriving party.

  • Collect a higher rate per night.

  • Provide a 5-Star experience

  • High rate of return bookings

  • Highly recommended to friends & family

  • Easy to follow ‘Master Plan’ ensures each arrival feels like a VIP

  • A professionally cared for space that doesn’t look dated or cheap

  • Small Investment for a Great Return

Other Popular Package Services:

Lighting and Fixture Revamp

Window Treatments

Boho Bill By Space program is a small design fee per room for a custom designed "Master Plan Concept" so the client can replace or add selections at their own pace. "Boho Bill By Space" allows all budgets and project sizes an affordable option. We avoid large freight costs by purchasing ready-made local inventory, or items which ship free or at low cost. We have 10 plus years of experience and know exactly what resources will ship here and we keep track of whats is in stock locally.  

Boho Design Studio will elevate your lifestyle and raise your vibe with green concepts.

Our home impresses our friends and family. Thank you BOHO for such great work. Karen is such a pleasure and we recommend her expertise to anyone renovating.
— Lahaina Client, Galvostan