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maui interior design kitchen about Karen Leach BOHO

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Everyone can afford an interior designer.  We do consulting by the hour and discuss your budget or "Boho Bill By Space" where we charge a design fee and create a custom designed "Master Plan Concept" so the client can replace or add selections at their own pace. "Boho Bill By Space" allows all budgets and project sizes an affordable option. We avoiding large freight costs by purchasing ready-made local inventory, or items which ship free or at low cost. We have 10 plus years of experience and know exactly what resources will ship here and we keep track of whats is in stock locally.  Boho Design Studio will elevate your lifestyle and create a home you will be proud of and sure to impress.

Our home impresses our friends and family. Thank you BOHO for such great work. Karen is such a pleasure and we recommend her expertise to anyone renovating.
— Lahaina Client, Galvostan